Separate Hostel facilities for Boys & Girls with 24 hrs. security, warden, water purifier, Inverter, water cooler in the hostel campus.
  1. Cloths are only to be washed in bathrooms.
  2. Cooking is not permitted in the rooms.
  3. Each resident will be held responsible for the care of hostel property such as room furniture provided for their use.
  4. Residents are advised to keep any valuable or cash under lock and key, and to lock their room when it is not in use for which the hostel in charge or college authority will not be responsible.
  5. The college authorities reserve the right to enter and search residents rooms without notice but in their presence.
  6. No electrical appliances are permitted in the rooms, apart from lights and fans and a radio/or tape recorder. Lights and must be switched off when not is use. Radios and Tape recorders must be used in such away as not to disturb other residents.
  7. All visit must take place in the Visitor's room only.
  8. No visitor shall enter the gate to the Female Hostel without the specific permission on the warden or the principal.
  9. Permission to leave will be granted to students by the principal on receipt of a written request routed through the class teacher and giving at least 3 day's notice.
  10. In cash where emergency leave in needed, the principal or warden should be approached.
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